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5 Things To Consider When Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life and you’re going to want to remember every detail! An epic wedding videographer will do just that. He will capture every moment of the big day and you will be able to watch it over and over again for years to come. So here are some tips for hiring the perfect wedding videographer!

1) The parts of the wedding day captured.

A lot of suppliers will show you the highlight video or short wedding film. But what else do you get? Ask to see an example long video. You need to make sure that the rest of your videos are the same standard as the highlight video/ short wedding film. For example, do they capture the ceremony, speeches or first dance in their entirety? These are important parts of the day to watch back in years to come.


2) Number of videographer’s present.

In order to produce a creative and interesting wedding video, you should have at least two videographers. It is important to capture multiple angles, especially during the ceremony and speeches, so that you can truly re-experience and bring it back to life. Moreover, find out if the videographer present will have stationary cameras set up for the ceremony and the speeches in addition to the manned cameras.


3) The style of production

There are typically two styles: cinematic and documentary. A wedding video with a cinematic style resembles a movie; with a montage of footage, music and heavier editing. On the other hand, documentary or “fly-on-the-wall” videos are more true to the real-life progression of the day and incorporate more natural sounds. If you feel excited, nervous and emotional after watching several films that the videographer has made, it has really captivated you and forged an emotional connection. The mark of a good videographer is transporting you (the viewer) to the day through the film.


4) How audio is captured.

Capturing great audio for video is just as crucial as capturing a great picture. Your videographer should be using wireless microphones for all sources at your ceremony (e.g. groom, officiate, even musicians) or speeches (e.g. groom, best man, father of the bride) OR get a direct audio feed from the sound desks from any microphone in use.


5) Meet them beforehand.

Meeting in person is incredibly important, as this person (and their assistant) will be an integral part of your wedding day and will be following you very closely from morning to evening. With the right videographer you will not feel camera-shy, in fact, you won’t even know that the camera is there!


3 Reasons You Need a Wedding Filmmaker


1) Bring Your Wedding Back To Life

Many couples don’t often think twice about investing a significant amount into a hiring a professional photographer. But why not have the same consideration when it comes to a wedding filmmaker? With moving image and sound, it captures the day in more detail than any other medium, and with a well captured and edited film so much can be brought back to life. You can watch yourself walk down the aisle, be reminded of your vows and see your spouse’s reaction, and listen the speeches you never want to forget. The day’s emotion can be re-experienced in a tangible and realistic way. Besides, most people are overwhelmed with emotion on their wedding day and describe it as a blur. And even if you have a vivid memory, there are many things that you will not experience first-hand that will be captured on the day.


2) Preserve The Day For Years To Come

You might dislike being filmed or feel self-conscious, but we can guarantee that you will regret not having it in the years to come. As time passes and the memory of the day fades, the experience of watching it all back will be something to be cherished more than you can possibly imagine in the present. Besides, after you have spent countless hours, days and weeks sculpting your perfect wedding, you deserve to be able to keep that immortalized with the power of film to relive again and again. And remember, marriage is the start of a new life together— a life that may include children, grandchildren, etc. Through your wedding film you can share your important day with future generations.


3) Timeless Piece of Cinematic Art

The technology has improved dramatically in recent years, so much so that the quality of weddings films is akin to cinematic movies. You will almost certainly be blown away, as you get to star in your own movie! Plus, a wedding filmmaker doesn’t simply record the events of the day. They will pore over the raw footage and use it to create a timeless piece of art that tells your story. From editing, to sound design and colour grading; countless hours are spent crafting and perfecting your wedding film so that it communicates the genuine emotion you experienced on your wedding day. We can guarantee that you will want to watch it again and again and share it with all your friends and family.